Market Policies

  1. Open at 6:00 for vendor setup, all merchandise must be brought in the roll up door in the rear.
  2. Roll up door will close at 8 am, vendors need to be ready by 8:30 am for the door opening for the public.
  3. After unpacking vehicle, vendors need to relocate vehicle to parking area behind building
  4. Vendors can begin breakdown at 4:15 pm
  5. All tables must be paid in advance prior to the sale,
  6. No pets
  7. No alcohol, drugs, vape, or adult content material
  8. Tables not occupied by 8 am will be rented to other vendors,
  9. No refunds all table rentals are final
  10. Vendors need to provide their own tablecloths
  11. Vendors can place items for sale under tables, but not expand out into isles
  12. Concessions not always available
  13. Outside food for sale must be approved by flea market management
  14. Vendors must check in at the front table before bringing in any
  15. If you are paying by check, payment must be received within 10 days from date of reservation made, or the tables or spaces may be released to other vendors.
  16. Vendors with wall space can not secure anything to the walls with nails, pins, tacks, screws, or any other means of attaching anything to the wall EXCEPT BLUE PAINTERS TAPE
  17. Trellis or shelf material can be used along walls, if the wall is protected from scratches or damage
  18. Any vendor that that causes a scene, or does not follow the policy will be asked to
  19. Electrical power may be available around the perimeter of the market, a $5.00 fee for power is due on the day of the sale.
  20. No smoking on Fairgrounds
  21. No vendor shall leave or start to dismantle their sales area prior to 4 pm. Any vendor that violates this rule  will not be invited back to future Market events.